Photos by andy fortini

I like to look at things. I take photos of things so i can look at them later. It never looks the same but that’s the point i guess.  

The images you see here are made with outdated alchemy and electric witchcraft.

Wierd crystal salts stuck to plastic.
Blasted with light for less than a blink of the eye.
Soaked in foul tasting juices. 
Blasted out of the material word
                            and imprision in jungle of silicon.
Further tickled and massaged through    
                                                              electromagnetic means.
Shot through a strand of glass at the speed of light.
Manifested by an array of liquid crytal.
Then radiated back into the physical word.
Straight into your fluid filled light catching sacks
                and finally reaching that electric jelly of your brain.

                                quite the journey really.