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When I started on this journey I didn’t think I’d still be able after all these years. At this point it’s been the most of my life. To say it’s been a constant doesn’t do  it justice.  It’s morphed and changed like all things in life do but it’s always been there and always will in one way or another.

It’s nothing special to look at.
Couple of Chromoly tubes, alloy hoops and rubber.
But it’s More than the sum of its parts.

The magic is in how it interacts with the physical world and how it can manifests new ones.
Lets you explore the ether and find treasures other simple do not see.
Opens portals to new worlds that can’t be imagined until you find yourself there. 

It’scarried me to places I’d only have dreamed of otherwise.
Let me experience my environment like nothing else could.
It inspired me to pick up a camera for the first time.
A Catalyst for life changing encounters that brings so much joy and clarity.
Soothes a savage mind and vents the frustrations of life.
It’s let me feel a part of something,
That's a feeling many people search for in vain
but I had fall into my lap.

Plenty of tears, sometimes of joy, sometimes of pain
Broken my body and saved my soul.
I owe everything to these silly little bikes and I know plenty of people can relate to the sentiment.