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The place of the jackal.

Near the confluence of the Shashe and Limpopo rivers, the buried remains of a lost city.

Six feet of dirt was carried to the top of the rocky plateau. Up the hidden path, marked by an ancient fig tree bursting from the rock. On top of this plateau lived the rulers, down below, those they ruled. They became wealthy from the gold found beneath the surface of the surrounding areas. The gold found its way to ancient trading cities on the coast and then, to the rest of the world.

Over time the world changed. The climate began to change and with it the movements of wildlife that kept the people fed. The paths of the great rivers altered, the people slowly left to find a new home. No amount of gold could keep them there as the life giving waters dried up. Those who ruled them now look down upon nothing but an abandoned kingdom. All that was left was a few golden trinkets, some pottery and a curse for those who would steal from the long dead kings.